Emergency Officials

Virtual Meeting Presentation

MPL hosted a virtual meeting to create awareness on MPL’s pipelines and the products transported. Click the link below to download the presentation.

About Marathon Pipe Line LLC

Marathon Pipe Line LLC (MPL) operates underground pipelines that transport crude oil, petroleum products and natural gas to and from terminals, refineries and other pipelines across the nation. Movement of these liquids and gas through pipelines is the safest method of transporting energy. MPL is committed to building and maintaining strong relationships with all of our stakeholders.

To learn more about MPL, visit www.marathonpipeline.com.

Commitment to Safety

MPL is committed to experiencing no accidents, no harm to people, and no damage to the environment. MPL utilizes a comprehensive risk-based Integrity Management Program to ensure the safety of the pipelines, where a pipeline release could affect a densely populated area, drinking water, ecological area, or a commercially navigable waterway. These management programs include routine in-line inspection, maintenance, leak detection, surveillance, and corrosion control.

Pipeline Finder App

The Pipeline Finder app is perfect for community partners looking for Marathon Pipe Line LLC (MPL) pipeline locations, safety guidelines, and other resources.

Use the app to:

  • Learn more about MPL pipeline locations and products transported through them.
  • Call 811 and review steps for safe digging.
  • Call MPL’s emergency phone number and access emergency response basics.
  • Report a pipeline concern by sharing your location to the pipeline with MPL.

Questions about the pipeline in your community?

Please contact your local MPL Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for questions or to request additional training by selecting your location below.